Photographer's DreamPhotographer's DreamHot Air Balloon Enthusiasts must take special interest in the article below. The Fun Facts specially would amaze you a little because of the very fact that the article talks about. Read on and enjoy the facts about your Favorite Sport of Hot air balloons.
  1. Hot air balloons were discovered in France in 1783.
  2. It was discovered that a fabric bag filled with hot air would rise.
  3. Initially Balloons without any Passengers were sent up.
  4. Then, animals of all sorts were used for experimenting like a sheep, rooster, and duck, to be sent high up.
  5. Finally, they sent up a balloon with two men in it. It traveled over Paris for 5.5 miles. It stayed up 23 minutes.
  6. This was the first attempt made by man to fly. Bravo!
  7. Balloons have been important in science as they have helped us study the weather and the atmosphere.
  8. Hot Air Balloon has a Special basket for passengers to sit in it.
  9. It has flying wires to attach the basket to the balloon.
  10. The skirt helps direct the hot air into the balloon.
  11. Each long section of the Hot Air Balloon is called the gore.
  12. Smaller pieces of the gore are called panels.

  13. A Parachute is placed right at the top of each Hot Air Balloon.
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